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Being a weight-inclusive business can be hard, but it’s oh-so rewarding!

Hi friend, I’m Courtney Vickery and when I began my own nutrition private practice, it took a ton of trial and error to get things *just right.*


I wanted a clear website, authentic branding and systems in place so that it didn’t feel like 100 different tasks had been added onto one another – each needing attention

Creating a consistent brand and website experience with a more efficient workflow that aligned with my approach and values was a high priority for me.

My clients (and even those in the community!) are now always commenting on my materials, website, and social media content and are shocked when they learn that I do it all!

AND that I enjoy doing it!

So, that’s what led me here. I genuinely enjoy helping others put together the pieces of their business that align with their brand and make their job a little easier.

My Story

You’re probably wondering how a nutritionist ended up here, right?

Well, it’s one of those stories where you are doing something that you consider a ‘hobby’ because you just enjoy it so much. But, you also assume that most people also know how to do it, so it’s no big deal? Right?

If you’re laughing right now it’s because you’re thinking, nope, I don’t think any of this aspect of business is fun 🙃

I found myself enjoying spending hours just re-creating and designing my website, my marketing and client experience materials and more.

Then friends started asking me for help with their materials. Then those in the community started noticing and asking for help too. And I ENJOYED it.

It’s my version of putting a puzzle together. You bring me the essentials (the puzzle pieces, so to speak) and I can help you to put the puzzle together in a way that is beautiful AND functional!

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Declet designs websites and branding for weight inclusive businesses georgia

Why Declet?


It probably sounds unusual, I know. But, I wanted a name that was unique and that meant something to me. I know that ‘smushing’ two names together isn’t necessarily revolutionary, but it’s what felt right to me.

So, you guessed it, ‘Declet’ is a mashup of my children’s names.


As the owner of Declet Designs, my mission is to provide high-quality website designs and branding for women-led, weight-inclusive small businesses that want designs that reflect their values.


Weight inclusivity

As an eating disorder survivor and a Dietitian who practices from a weight-inclusive lens, this is a value that is very near and dear to my heart. In addition to being weight-inclusive, I also strive to be inclusive in all other areas. I believe that everyone deserves dignity and respect.


I strive to be honest and have integrity in all of my business actions, processes, and relationships. 


Promise to clients

I promise that I will do my very best to make sure that you are happy with the final designs. I know it’s not possible in every situation, but I truly will try my best and want all of my clients to be pleased.


Every interaction with a customer is a chance to tell a story.

Let your website & branding
do some of the storytelling for you.



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  • MS/DI Foods & Nutrition
  • BS Dietetics
  • BA Political Science

I have years (14+) of experience putting together marketing materials, websites, customer experiences and workflows that help you save time and money. I developed these skills during my years as a Director of Corporate Health Services, Group Fitness Program Coordinator, Lead Wellness Dietitian, fitness/yoga instructor, and my own nutrition private practice, Vickery Wellness.

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