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Please use the links below to access everything that you need.

or they will be completed the following month

Email me with any concerns:

For current clients, we use Honeybook for agreements, questionnaires, etc. You can click the button to login to your account. If you can’t remember your login information, just click ‘forgot password’ to reset it.

I use Clickup for all of my task management – that’s why I ask Monthly Care Plan clients to use the form for any and all requests related to their website. Need to change some copy? Want to add a form or link? That’s what the Care Plan Form is for!

If you see ‘nothing’ on the status page, that means all tasks are currently completed. 

Clients on a Micro Monthly Care Plan can choose from either a 30 minute meeting each month OR minor edits to their site.

Clients on a Macro Monthly Care Plan can do both a 30 minute meeting AND minor edits on their site.

Use the link below to schedule:

Most of my clients have a Notion Client Hub where all of their project information lives. (Some older clients have Google Drive Folders and Docs). You can log into your Notion Client Hub here:

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