Your brand is more than a logo

Custom branding & strategy for weight-inclusive private practices
that want their values represented in their designs

It’s freaking HARD to put together the perfect brand for your business


BUT, you don’t have to keep trying to hold your brand together with duct tape

Hear me out and step away from your Canva account!

There’s an easier way to find the perfect logo (that you can actually trademark) and colors instead of DIY-ing your brand.

Your brand and mission are TOO IMPORTANT to pick another generic logo and the same fonts that everyone else is using...

(if I see that Brittany font one more time…)

You and your business are unique and you deserve to show that personality on your website, social media, and more!

You want a brand that makes your VALUES as a
weight-inclusive business clear
AND sets you apart from others

declet designs websites branding for private practices

Did you know that businesses that have a clear brand and story are valued higher by potential clients?

Think about the businesses that you know and TRUST.

Now, think about what it is that makes you trust them (hint: it’s not just the pretty logo).

Imagine for a second that you went to their website and you didn’t recognize ANY of the colors, the images, the style of photos… nothing.

AND they made no mention of it and there was no consistency throughout the site.

Would you still feel like you could trust them?

I’m going to guess no. Humans crave consistency and that helps develop your trust!

Here’s how we can create a brand that your ideal clients will trust

✨ Branding that represents your values

I think we know that anyone can throw together a logo and some colors and call it a day.

But, you also know that as a weight-inclusive business your brand is SO MUCH MORE than that.

You want a brand that makes it clear that you are different.

✨ Imagery that speaks to your ideal client

Potential clients know when something feels disconnected.

Let’s make sure that your website and branding are all pulled together into a nice, neat bow.

Those potential clients will quickly become actual clients because they feel safe AND they trust you!

✨ Less time trying to design materials

Remember how we needed to step away from Canva?

Well, when you finally know exactly what your brand colors and fonts are and have a guide on how to implement them, you will save so.much.time making new materials!

branding dietitians private practice

And here’s how we’re going to do it…


Discover your true identity

During the discovery process, we will work together to help you find your brand voice, personality, and more! No more trying to figure out exactly WHO your brand represents.


Develop the design

Once we have a clear picture and strategy for your brand, we will get to work making the designs! You will receive your brand presentation from me when it’s ready for review to make sure it’s just right.


Attract your Dream Clients

Now that we have created not only the perfect designs but an amazing strategy, your dream clients will naturally be drawn to you. Get ready for the inquiries!


The branding experience went way beyond my expectations and even the team’s expectations.

I knew I wanted more than just a logo, but what Courtney gave ultimately was a clearer idea of what our brand stands for, who we come off to customers, how we want people to feel, etc.

It’s so much more and I think it really gave me good insight into the whole customer journey/experience with our brand at large. I never really thought about this before.

I’m obsessed with all of the visual logos, images, and icons! I want them everywhere! The website is gorgeous! It is a perfect mix of retro, scandi, boho, etc lol and I love it!

Courtney is very professional and knows what she is doing.

Heather Lasco
CEO, Confidently Nourished


We might be a match made in
branding heaven if…

  • You own a weight-inclusive business. This could be a private practice or any service-based business (my first client was an interior designer!).
  • You are ready to move on from Canva and DIY logos and want to invest in a professional brand and strategy that your clients will love.
  • You either have a logo and brand that you want to update or you want to start from scratch.
  • You are ready and willing to work together to have your brand and strategy completed in the 2 week time frame (it’s called an INTENSIVE for a reason!)
  • You are willing to trust my expertise in the area of design and strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to take your brand to the next level?


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Declet Designs is a welcoming and inclusive space for all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, neurodivergence, or national origin.

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