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I love helping weight-inclusive businesses bring their goals and mission to life through their websites and branding.

declet designs website branding portfolio

Confidently NourishED

Website | Branding + Strategy


Heather needed a full re-brand and new website because she was going from solo private practice to a group private practice.

“The branding experience went way beyond my expectations. I knew I wanted more than just a logo, but what you gave ultimately was a clearer idea of what our brand stands for, how we come off to customers, how we want people to feel, etc.

I’m obsessed with all of the visual logos, images, and icons! I want them everywhere! The website is gorgeous!”

wordpress dietitian website
wordpress website dietitian

Nutrition for You

Website | Mini Brand


Barbara is on an exciting journey of purchasing an established private practice from another dietitian. She needed a new website to represent her and her new vision for the practice. 

“I heard about Declet designs and Courtney through Jennifer McGurk and the PPP podcast. I loved that she was a dietitian practicing in the space and doing web design as well. It was a match made in heaven!”

Stacy Jones Coaching



Stacy is a body image and self love coach who is doing amazing things in her business!

She had done some DIY branding, but really wanted to create something that truly represented her business, its mission and values.

Stacy said that she is in love with her new branding and is feeling so inspired and energized now that her brand is in alignment with her vision.

body image coach branding
dietitian wordpress website

Nutrition by Mimi

VIP Design Day


Mimi is a non-diet dietitian in New York who is growing her nutrition private practice. She really wanted to have a website and brand that she could be proud of!

We did a VIP Design Day for a starter brand and a WordPress website.

It turned out amazing!

Stephanie Dorfman Nutrition

Website | Branding


Stephanie is an anti-diet, Intuitive Eating dietitian who loves helping her clients find freedom with food.

She knew it was time to invest in updating her branding and website in order to take her private practice to the next level.

dietitian wordpress website
dietitian logo branding

Shelby Santin Nutrition Counseling

Website | Branding


Shelby is also an anti-diet, Intuitive Eating dietitian who loves helping her clients heal their relationship with food.

Shelby said “When I first started my private practice I haphazardly threw together a website on Wix to just have something (and even that took me hours). I am ready to invest the time/money into a more professional, and thoughtful website to represent my practice. I am also hoping for my ideal clients to be able to find me on google and increase inquires.

Big Picture Nutrition

Website | Branding


Samantha is an anti-diet and weight inclusive dietitian who works with eating disorders and more.

She had a website, but wanted to move to self-hosted WordPress. We also put together branding that represents her values of hope, compassion, direct communication, empathy, professionalism, integrity, and inclusion

dietitian wordpress website
dietitian wordpress website

Eat with Permission

Website | Branding


Natalie is an Intuitive Eating and Ellyn Satter trained dietitian who focuses on helping adults and families create a plan for their nutrition goals this is realistic.

She was ready to really clarify her goals with her brand and website design!

Intentful Nutrition



Brooke is a weight inclusive dietitian who loves helping runners learn how to fuel their bodies without restriction.

She had DIY’ed her website on Wix and wanted to finally have a website that she could feel proud of!

dietitian wordpress website
dietitian wordpress website

Thrive Nutrition Cincinnati

Website | Brand Update


Jennifer is a dietitian who loves to help young athletes and their families learn how to best fuel their bodies. She just started her private practice and is so excited to finally have her branding clarified (She brought logo and it is based on a drawing from her son!) and to have a website ready for clients.

From the Start Nutrition



Beth’s goal was to have something that really vibed with her vision, and then she wanted to be able to use that to work on brand consistency as she continues to grow her practice & increase her visibility.

During the discovery process, Beth said she wanted a brand that was an inviting and safe space. A place where people who are struggling inside feel heard, connected & seen.

She said that her new brand is exactly what she envisioned!

from the start nutrition dietitian branding
personal trainer custom branding

Sarah Petty



Sarah is on a mission to “empower people to honor their bodies as they eat and move in a way that feels safe, accessible, and energizing.”

To help with this mission, we put together an amazing logo suite that features her main brand and her two signature programs.

So, now when her dream clients visit her social media and website, they will be able to recognize exactly where they are AND Sarah’s values of Inclusivity, Accessibility, and Personal responsibility will be apparent through her brand voice and personality!

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