Get your new business online
in just ONE DAY

You can get a shiny new starter website or brand
WITHOUT all the emails back and forth for weeks!

It can feel impossible to find the time to focus on the website & design needs of your business.

Between day-to-day tasks and trying to serve your own clients, it’s hard to know where to start.

PLUS, you’ve probably been told that you need to have a custom website design and branding, but then you hear how long the waitlist is, and start to worry. And what about all of those back-and-forth emails with your designer? Will you ever get anything done?

vip design day website brand

You don’t want to spend days, weeks (or months!) going back and forth with a designer.

You need your designs done now!


vip design day intensive website and branding

A pre-VIP Day questionnaire for copy, list of photos needed, planning, etc.

45 Minute Prep Call prior to the VIP Design Day to discuss the plan

A whole day dedicated to your project (up to 6 hours max)

1 Round of edits for 1 hour on the following day

2 Weeks of support

Some projects need more than 1 day. Some may need just a half day.

We will discuss your needs and the option of adding a half or full day.

You also won’t be ‘with’ me all day – you just need to be available for the first call, then messages in between!

What can we really do in one VIP Design Day?

These packages are perfect for new businesses that just opened in the past 1-3 years!

Starter WordPress Website

Choose from one of the hundreds of Divi templates for WordPress. (if you’re on another platform, we can chat about it!) We will then update the colors, fonts, copy and images to match your branding.

Up to 4 pages in one day.

Starter Brand

Create or refresh a visual brand identity for your business. This includes a wordmark logo, submarks, color palette, mood board, and color palette.

Doesn’t include custom drawings, graphics or strategy. See my full branding packages for those options.

What to expect

Submit your inquiry

Once you fill out the inquiry and submit it, I will be in touch to answer any questions you may have and I will send over a custom proposal.

Submit deposit & Schedule your VIP Design Day

Once you sign the agreement and submit your deposit, we will be able to schedule your VIP Design Day! Remember, you don't have to be available for calls the whole day, but you do need to be available via email or messages.


Before the VIP Design Day, I will send over your pre-work. This could include questionnaires, requests for images, logos, font files, etc. This makes sure that I can be as efficient as possible on your VIP Day.

VIP Design Day!

On the date for your VIP Design Day, we may kick the day off with a quick call to make sure everything is ready and we both know the game plan. Then I will get to work! I'll keep you updated throughout the day.

I hand over your goodies

At the end of the VIP Day, I will hand over all of your goodies. You will need to review everything and get back to me by the following morning because you get up to 1 hour equivalent of edits the following day.

“I absolutely loved my experience working with Courtney and Declet Designs. I was looking for a more cohesive brand – a brand that represented me and what I wanted my clients to feel when we worked together. Courtney was able to create just that and completely exceed my expectations.”

Stephanie Dorfman

Recent Projects

Katie’s VIP Day Starter Brand

katie sidhu vip day branding-min

Mimi’s VIP Day Starter Website

dietitian website design vip design day

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a VIP Design Day best for?

I offer VIP Design Days for small weight inclusive businesses that have an idea of their mission, values, ideal clients, and general aesthetic. My goal is to help streamline the process of finalizing those design aspects and details for you through any of the options listed above.

VIP Design Days are NOT for custom website builds, full branding services, businesses who have no idea about their mission, ideal client, values, etc.

What if you don't finish all of the items in one day?

I will do my very best to ensure that I provide you with a realistic set of items that can be completed. However, design can be variable, so I cannot guarantee that every single piece will be complete. This service is paying for my time and expertise, not just deliverables. 

What if I need more than one day?

If your needs will require more than a day, then we have the option of adding a half or full day to your project. Half days are half of the price listed above.

What if I only need a half day?

Limited half days are available. Just submit an inquiry and we will work something out! 

Do I need to be available all day for the VIP Design Day?


We will not be on the phone/zoom all day, but I do need you to be available to answer emails quickly.

It’s best if you have the day blocked off to be an admin day so you can be able to respond quickly. You can, of course, work on your own tasks, but being in a meeting where you cannot respond may not work for a VIP Day. I suggest making this an admin day in your business OR if you have an assistant that could answer quick questions, that would work too!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. 50% is due at the time of booking in order to secure your VIP Design Day date. After that, you can pay in as many installments as needed as long as the FULL payment is completed 24 hours prior to the start of our VIP Design Day. 

Do you provide copywriting services?

No, but I do provide copywriting templates with prompts to help you with the website copy only. If you are wanting an e-book/workbook design, that does not include copywriting.

What payments do you accept?

I accept payment via credit card or ACH bank transfer.

Have questions?

I’m happy to answer them!

Are you ready to work together?

If you're ready to invest in your custom branding and website, then reach out today, and let's get started!

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