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Custom website design for women owned, values-based businesses – in just 2 weeks

You’ve spent hours learning more than you wanted to know about websites — when all you really want to do is help your clients.

It’s time to take this overwhelming task off your plate and let someone take care of it for you!

Get ready to say goodbye to website stress & overwhelm – and say hello to focusing on what you love to do!

‘Cause you don’t have time for learning a whole new profession. It’s not like you have tons of free time as a business owner! But, you KNOW your ideal client can benefit from working with you. Now you want a website that makes them say ‘yes, this is what I’m looking for!

Declet Designs website design branding for private practice

It’s time to invest in a professional website so you can use your energy to help others

Declet Designs website design branding for private practice

Did you know…

38% of people will leave a website simply because they don’t like the design

We’ve all done it.

We think we found the perfect service, then we go to their website and immediately leave.

Either it looked like a blast from the past or maybe it had a super annoying popup that we couldn’t close. OR maybe it was sooooo slow to load. Either way, we moved on because the internet is a big place and we are impatient creatures #sadbuttrue.

Introducing the 2-week website

A 2-week, 1-on-1 custom experience to creating a website that has your dream clients knocking on your door.

website design and branding declet designs georgia

If this sounds like the hot fudge to your ice cream sundae (with some sprinkles thrown in!), then here’s what’s in your future:

🗓 Booking your ideal clients (and more of them)

More time to focus on what is important to you (your clients, your family, your LIFE)

🏆 Moving up in your business and moving on from DIY

🪄 A website that is freaking AMAZING. You’ll swear that my love of Harry Potter has made me into a real magician (of websites, that is)

Declet Designs Web Design Email Design Athens GA Atlanta GA

How it all works

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    Submit an inquiry

    Once you submit an inquiry, you will have the option of signing an agreement and submitting a 50% deposit OR we can schedule a free 15-minute call to chat and make sure we vibe together.

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    Gimme All the Goodies

    You will create a Pinterest inspiration board, submit all photos you have, and complete questionnaires for each page of the website. These questionnaires have copywriting templates, SEO/keyword questions, etc.

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    Time to Kick It Off

    To kick off our 2 weeks together, we will have a 60-minute kickoff call on the first Monday where we will dive deep into the strategy, plan, design, etc. of your website.

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    Week 1

    If you don’t have a brand, then I will create a mood board (including font selections from the available Divi fonts) and send it to you for approval on the first day. The first draft of the website will be complete and ready for review by Friday. We will meet for 30 minutes on Friday to review it together and you can request edits.

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    Week 2

    During the second week, I will make the requested revisions, send them to you for review, then rinse and repeat until you love it! You will also share information on the 3rd party integrations you want on your site (think scheduling widgets, etc.). On the last day (Friday) of our time together, we will meet for 90 minutes and during this time I will review the basics of your website: how to make blog posts, make small copy changes, update photos, etc.

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    During our final call, I will hand the keys to your new online kingdom over to you! I will set up your hosting, make sure your domain is pointed, etc. You will have the choice of taking over the hosting yourself through Flywheel or you can join my WordPress Care Plan.

Can’t stop won’t stop—how about I throw in …


Yep, you can have as many revisions as you like as long as we stick to our 2-week deadline. 

“Courtney’s work speaks for itself.
Her design work is beautiful, her copy is thoughtful, and her communication is excellent.”


Recent Projects

website design and branding declet designs georgia
website design and branding declet designs georgia
website design and branding declet designs georgia
website design and branding declet designs georgia

SURE, you could keep doing the DIY gig or using Wix.

Or watching hours of Youtube tutorials and googling your website questions

(Alexa, what does H1 tag mean?!)


BUT, if you’re ready to be seen as the expert in your area of specialty, it’s time to level up with a  professional online presence!

And what better way than to hire someone who 100% understands the weight inclusive AND private practice world (because I’m in it too!)

Take it from some of my amazing clients

I love everything about the final product! 

I loved the process of working with Courtney and how she truly listens to what her clients want. I love my new logo, branding colors, and overall website – I feel that it represents me and everything I want my clients to feel when they work with me. Basically – everything about this experience was so wonderful and exciting.

The entire look of my website and all of the compliments I have been receiving since updating my website have exceeded my expectations. I feel like I am learning more about SEO and how to optimize my blog posts and I think my website has become more visible on the internet.

Courtney is easy to work with, extremely responsive, takes your feedback to heart, and is great at explaining everything she does. It was a fun and exciting process working with Declet Designs.

Stephanie Dorfman

Dietitian and Owner, Stephanie Dorfman Nutrition

Courtney was always quick to respond and I really liked the work she did for others. I love having a personal piece of the internet that is all mine. I love showing off my site now whereas before I said “it’s a work in progress.”

Courtney was FAST and my site looked even better than I could have imagined. She takes a very personalized approach and will make sure you are happy with her designs. She doesn’t push you to do things that you don’t like.

If I had to pick one word to describe my experience, it would be Professional! Courtney is prompt and wants to make sure you, the client, are happy.

Brooke Czarnecki

Dietitian and Owner, Intentful Nutrition


Please note that I only book 2 spots per month for 2-week websites and only 1-2 spots per month for VIP Design Days.

While a new website may cost around $3-$4k, most of my clients will see a return on that investment within a few months!

courtney vickery website design declet designs

Dietitian by day, designer by night

I’m Courtney

As an Enneagram 1, when I began my own nutrition private practice, it took a ton of trial and error to get everything on my website *just right.*

And if you’re wondering how I went from Dietitian to Designer, it’s really a story about how if you do something you truly get excited about, then others notice! When other businesses started asking for my help with their designs and websites, it just all fell together and made sense.

Now I get to help other weight inclusive businesses have the website of their dreams!

We might just be a match made in website heaven if…

👍🏻 You own a weight-inclusive business. This could be a private practice or any service-based business (my first client was an interior designer!).

👍🏻 You are ready to move on from Wix or other DIY websites and want to invest in a professional website that your clients will love.

👍🏻 You either have a website that you want to update or you want to start from scratch.

👍🏻 You are ready and willing to work together to have your website completed in the 2 week time frame.

👍🏻 You are willing to trust my expertise in the area of design and websites.

Luckily, when you inquire to work together the application will definitely help clear the air and ensure that we are both respecting our time as professionals (and busy humans!).


Who do you design for?

I work with weight-inclusive businesses owners. This could be anything from dietitians like myself and therapists to massage therapists.

What website platforms do you use?

I work with WordPress and use Divi Page Builder for designing. If you use another builder like Elementor with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or Showit, please contact me and we will see what we can do as I do have experience with those. I typically do not recommend Wix if you have any plans to blog or grow your site in the future.

Do you set up online shops?

I work with service-based small business owners. If you have 1 or 2 digital items that you sell (like an eBook), I can help you set up a way to get those paid for and delivered to your customer’s email without setting up an online shop.

Do you provide full copywriting services?

If copywriting is part of the package you purchase, I can assist with general copywriting suggestions based on the flow and intention for the project. The word count will be specified.

How do you accept payment?

I accept payments via credit card or ACH bank transfer.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Once the contract is in place, 50% of the payment will be due and the remaining can be paid in weekly or monthly payments based on the timeline specified.

courtney vickery website design declet designs

Ready for your website to start attracting your dream clients??