A Comprehensive Practice Better Review for Dietitians

practice better for dietitians

What is Practice Better? 

Hi there fellow dietitians and health and wellness professionals! If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I am a Practice Better* stan. It’s what I have always used in my private practice, Vickery Wellness. So, if you have ever felt that you need a robust practice management software in your nutrition or wellness private practice, then I definitely recommend Practice Better, an all-in-one practice management software for health and wellness practitioners. 

It’s a platform that’s more than just a software tool—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the complexities of your professional life. From managing appointments to crafting individualized nutrition plans, this all-in-one platform promises to be the reliable assistant you always wished for.

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The Importance of Efficient Admin Tools in Private Practice

In the world of private practice, being efficient isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. The reality of running a private practice involves a constant juggling of tasks: managing client appointments, carefully reviewing food and mood journals, keeping up with follow-ups, and the unending billing and charting tasks. Each of these tasks, while critical, can consume substantial time, something that this software aims to reduce. This is where an all-in-one software like Practice Better becomes priceless for health and wellness professionals.

This isn’t just another impersonal digital platform; it’s a sophisticated ecosystem carefully designed to meet the unique needs of dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches. It understands that as a health professional, your time is better spent on client care rather than on repetitive administrative tasks. This platform aims to simplify your workflow, enabling you to focus on what you do best – guiding clients towards a better relationship with food and their bodies.

practice better for dietitians

Practice Better Features

Scheduling – Seamless and Intuitive

Scheduling is the backbone of any private practice and this software excels in this domain. It seamlessly integrates with popular calendar applications such as Google Calendar and iCal, ensuring that your professional and personal commitments are never double booked. The scheduling feature permits you to arrange appointments, generate availability windows, and effortlessly share your calendar with clients. This level of integration means no more double bookings, missed appointments, and it facilitates more effective time management.

Beyond just scheduling appointments, the system is designed to accommodate the nuances of your schedule. Whether it’s a face-to-face consultation, a group coaching session, or a telehealth appointment, you have the flexibility to cater to various meeting types. This feature is especially valuable in today’s world, where virtual consultations with health and wellness professionals have become increasingly prevalent.

Food and Mood Tracking – Comprehensive and Customizable

It offers robust tracking capabilities that aren’t just focused on food, but also your client’s varying moods. You can monitor your clients’ nutritional intake, track their progress, and adjust their plans as needed. This level of detail and customization ensures that your clients are not just following a meal plan but are on a path to healing and recovering.

Client Protocols – Structured and Tailored

Developing client protocols is where your expertise comes into play, and it provides the tools to structure these effectively. You can establish clear, actionable plans for each client, including dietary guidelines, supplement recommendations, and lifestyle changes. This feature allows you to lay out a roadmap for success, personalized for each client’s journey.

The ability to set up and modify these protocols easily means that you can adapt to your client’s changing needs and circumstances. Whether it’s tweaking their meal plan based on a client’s feedback or adjusting a supplement regimen, the flexibility offered ensures that your protocols remain relevant and effective.

Telehealth Capabilities – Modern and Accessible Integration

In an era where remote consultations are becoming the norm, Practice Better’s telehealth capabilities are a game-changer. The platform allows you to conduct secure video consultations directly, providing a convenient option for both you and your clients. This feature is not just about convenience; it’s about accessibility. It opens up your services to clients who may not be able to meet in person due to geographical or mobility constraints.

Additionally, the group session feature expands the scope of your practice. You can conduct webinars, workshops, or group therapy sessions, engaging with a broader audience and diversifying your service offerings. This not only enhances your practice’s reach but also provides a place for community building and group learning.

Integrate Billing and Invoicing – Streamlined and Efficient

Let’s face it, managing finances can be one of the more tedious aspects of running a private practice. Practice Better simplifies this with its efficient billing and invoicing system. You can set up services, packages, programs, and subscriptions with ease. The ability to process payments directly through the dashboard is a major time-saver, reducing the need for external payment processes and simplifying the financial management of your practice.

This feature isn’t just about ease of use; it’s about professionalism. You can present a polished, organized front to your clients when it comes to financial transactions. It adds to the overall impression of your practice, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness.

Customization Options – Personalized and Professional

As I think we all know, branding is crucial for any business. Practice Better recognizes this and offers extensive customization options. From custom forms and templates to personalized branding, it allows you to infuse your unique identity into your practice. This level of customization ensures that every client interaction reflects your brand and professional ethos.

Whether it’s tailoring intake forms to gather specific information or customizing templates to align with your branding, these options allow you to create a consistent and professional appearance across all client touchpoints. This not only enhances the client experience but also sets you apart in a crowded market.

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Hosting Courses and Memberships – Scale your Private Practice

One of my favorite features is that you can build your very own courses (also called programs) and memberships. I have built several programs and even use this feature to onboard and offboard my clients so that everything is in one place. This is a great way to use Practice Better to scale smarter in your business. 

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Integrations with tons of tools and apps 

Practice Better also steps it up as a versatile platform with a suite of integrations designed to streamline your workflow. It connects with essential tools like That Clean Life, Apple Health, and Cronometer for health tracking, and diagnostic services such as Evexia Diagnostics and Rupa Health. 

Financial management is made easier with apps like Stripe and Square. Plus, Google’s suite (Analytics, Calendar, Drive) and Zoom are seamlessly integrated for efficient scheduling and telehealth sessions. All of these will enrich your practice management, enhancing client engagement and care.

  • That Clean Life:
    • This is a powerhouse for anyone who specializes in personalized meal planning. It makes the creation of nutritionally balanced, client-specific meal plans super easy, saving you time and enhancing the quality of your service. Tailoring to individual dietary needs and preferences becomes an efficient process. This tool not only enhances the quality of your service but also saves significant time in meal planning, allowing you to focus more on client interactions and less on the nitty-gritty of nutrition calculations.
  • Fullscript:
    • Integrating Fullscript is great for supplement management. It enables you to recommend and manage supplements effectively, ensuring clients receive the right nutritional support. This tool not only makes the supplement recommendation process easy, but also ensures clients have easy access to their prescribed products.
  • Rupa Health:
    • For those who rely on in-depth health data, Rupa Health provides comprehensive testing and diagnostic services. Accessing this data directly through the Practice Better platform allows for a more holistic approach to dietary planning and client health management.
  • Apple Health:
    • Integrating with Apple Health allows you to access and monitor clients’ daily health metrics seamlessly. This real-time tracking aids in making informed decisions and providing targeted advice, enhancing client care with accurate, current health data.
  • Fitbit:
    • Fitbit brings a new level of activity tracking to your practice. It allows you to monitor clients’ physical activity and sleep patterns, providing a fuller picture of their lifestyle and enabling more personalized nutritional advice.
  • Dropbox:
    • Dropbox offers a secure and efficient way to store and share important documents and resources. It makes file management easier, ensuring fast access to all necessary materials for both you and your clients.
  • Nutri-Q:
    • For those focusing on holistic client assessments, Nutri-Q offers detailed health questionnaires and assessments. This aids in gathering comprehensive client health information, crucial for personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Wholescripts:
    • Similar to Fullscript, Wholescripts supports the recommendation and management of supplements, helping improve the process and ensuring clients have convenient access to their nutritional supplements.

practice better for dietitians

Benefits for Dietitians Using Practice Better

Time Management – Focus on What Matters

One of the most significant benefits of using Practice Better is the amount of time it frees up. By automating routine tasks and saving time with administrative processes, it allows you to focus more on client care and less on paperwork. This shift in focus can lead to better client outcomes, more engaging consultations, and ultimately, a more rewarding professional experience.

The ability to automate tasks such as appointment reminders, follow-up emails, and payment notifications means that you’re less likely to get bogged down in the minutiae of practice management. This can lead to a better work-life balance, giving you more time to invest in your professional development, personal interests, or simply to relax and recharge.

Client Experience and Engagement – Building Stronger Relationships

Practice Better excels in helping you engage clients and build stronger relationships. It has a secure messaging system that allows for prompt and private communication with clients. This immediacy and privacy foster a sense of trust and rapport, crucial elements in any therapeutic relationship.

Beyond messaging, the client portal feature of Practice Better is a standout. Clients can log in to manage their appointments, access resources, make payments, and communicate with you. This level of access and control not only empowers clients but also makes interactions simple, and the entire process is more efficient and user-friendly.

Client Management – Comprehensive and Insightful

Effective client management is at the heart of a successful practice, and Practice Better delivers on this front. With features like secure messaging and document sharing, you can maintain ongoing, transparent communication with your clients. Sharing meal plans, resources, and progress reports through a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal adds a layer of professionalism and care to your services.

It also allows for a comprehensive view of each client’s history, progress, and plans. This centralized information hub makes it easier to track progress, adjust plans, and provide personalized care. The ability to see a client’s entire journey at a glance is not just convenient; it’s a powerful tool in providing effective, evidence-based nutritional advice.

Professional Growth – Expanding Your Horizons as a Practitioner

For dietitians looking to grow their practice and expand their services, Practice Better is a robust ally. The platform’s diverse range of features supports not just the day-to-day management of your practice but also its strategic growth. Whether it’s branching into telehealth, offering group sessions, or simply taking on more clients, Practice Better provides the tools to scale your services effectively.

There are also opportunities for learning and professional development. With access to a community of peers and a range of resources, you can stay up-to-date with the latest in nutrition science and practice management. This ongoing learning and development are crucial in an ever-evolving field like dietetics.

User Experience – Intuitive and User-Friendly Platform

No matter how feature-rich a software is, it is only as good as its usability. Practice Better shines in this aspect with an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, it is designed to be accessible and straightforward.

The mobile app extends the functionality of Practice Better, ensuring you have access to your practice management tools on the go. This mobility is particularly useful for people like you with a busy schedule or those who work across multiple locations. The app’s design and functionality mean you can manage your practice from anywhere, at any time.

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Pricing and Packages – Flexible and Inclusive

Practice Better offers a range of pricing plans, ensuring there’s an option suitable for every size and type of practice. From solo practitioners just starting out to established clinics with multiple practitioners, it has a package to match your needs. The flexibility to scale up or down as your practice grows or changes is a key advantage.

Moreover, the transparency in pricing and the availability of a free trial make it easy for you to assess the software’s suitability for your practice without any upfront investment. This flexibility and openness in pricing reflect their commitment to catering to a wide range of professionals in the health and wellness space.

Security and Compliance – Trustworthy and Secure

When it comes to client data, the last thing any business wants is a side of data breach with their meal plans. Practice Better steps up to the plate with robust security and compliance features, ensuring that your client’s sensitive health information stays confidential and secure. This isn’t just about peace of mind; it’s about adhering to stringent standards like HIPAA in the USA, which is the Fort Knox of health information security.

Data security in the digital age is a non-negotiable, especially in the health sector. Practice Better understands this and implements state-of-the-art security measures to protect both you and your clients. It ensures that all data transmissions are encrypted, keeping client information safe from prying eyes. This means that every piece of information, from a simple weight update to a full nutritional assessment, is transmitted securely.

Furthermore, their commitment to compliance goes beyond just encryption. It is designed to fully comply with health information regulations, which is crucial for healthcare professionals who handle sensitive health data daily. This compliance isn’t just a badge they wear; it’s a core feature of their service, ensuring that your practice aligns with legal and ethical standards.

In a world where data breaches are as common as fad diets, having a company that prioritizes security and compliance is like having a trusty shield in your professional arsenal. Whether you’re sharing meal plans, lab results, or progress reports, you can rest assured that Practice Better has your back.

Community and Support for Health and Wellness Professionals

Embarking on the journey of managing a nutrition private practice can sometimes feel pretty lonely. Thankfully, with Practice Better, you’re not just getting a software; you’re gaining access to a community and a support system that’s as invested in your success as you are.

First off, their customer service is like having a knowledgeable friend just a call or click away. Whether you’re grappling with a technical issue or need guidance on a feature, their team is there to assist, ensuring you spend less time troubleshooting and more time doing what you do best – helping your clients.

But the support doesn’t stop at customer service. Practice Better offers an array of tutorials that are as informative as they are easy to digest. These resources are designed to help you make the most it, covering everything from basic setup to advanced features. It’s like having a personal tutor, guiding you through each step of your Practice Better journey.

The community aspect is the cherry on top. Engaging with other health professionals who use Practice Better can be an invaluable resource. Sharing experiences, tips, and success stories creates an environment of collective growth and learning. It’s not just a user base; it’s a professional community where ideas, challenges, and solutions are shared openly.

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Practice Better vs. Healthie

  1. Practice Management: Offers functionalities such as scheduling, billing, charting, and automations.
  2. Client Engagement: Includes a client portal, group sessions, telehealth, mobile app, secure messaging, journaling, and programs & courses.
  3. Customization and Integration: Provides branding options, reporting features, and integrations with other tools.

Practice Better is designed with a focus on holistic practice management, offering comprehensive features that span from client engagement to business automation. It emphasizes efficient workflows, accountability, and enhanced client support. The platform is suitable for teams, solo practitioners, and new practitioners, providing a powerful and flexible foundation for a health and wellness business.

Healthie is a platform that includes key features like client onboarding, session booking, engagement tools (such as chat and journaling), collaborative care capabilities, treatment management, and full-stack billing solutions. It supports virtual healthcare delivery with telehealth and webinar features and offers scalability and security compliance (HIPAA, SOC 2, PIPEDA, GDPR, and PCI).

Healthie is designed to be versatile, supporting various aspects of a health and wellness practice. It focuses on client engagement, streamlined practice management, and offers a suite of tools for both individual and collaborative care.

  • Practice Management: Both platforms offer comprehensive practice management tools, but Practice Better provides a more extensive range of features, including detailed scheduling and billing options.
  • Client Engagement: Healthie and Practice Better both emphasize client engagement with features like telehealth and secure messaging. Practice Better extends this with its journaling and courses options.
  • Customization and Integration: Practice Better offers more in terms of customization and branding, which could be more appealing to professionals looking to create a unique practice identity.
  • User Base: While both platforms are suitable for health and wellness professionals, Practice Better’s diverse feature set might appeal more to those looking for extensive practice management and client engagement tools.

In conclusion, both Practice Better and Healthie offer robust features for health and wellness practitioners. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs of your practice, whether that’s extensive practice management capabilities, client engagement tools, customization, or a combination of these elements. For more detailed information and to see which platform aligns best with your needs, you can visit Practice Better’s features page and Healthie’s website.

Pros and Cons

No software is perfect, and Practice Better is no exception. Let’s peel back the layers and look at both the sweet and the sour.


  1. Comprehensive Feature Set: Practice Better is like a Swiss Army knife for practitioners, offering everything from client management to billing.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the portal is as smooth as a well-blended protein shake. It’s intuitive, making it easy for even the least tech-savvy users.
  3. Robust Security and Compliance: With top-notch security and adherence to regulations like HIPAA, it’s a fortress for your data.
  4. Excellent Support and Community: Practice Better not only offers great technical support but also fosters a community of professionals.


  1. Learning Curve: With so many features, getting the hang of everything can be overwhelming at first. It’s a bit like learning a new language, but once you’re fluent, it’s incredibly rewarding.
  2. Cost for Premium Features: While the basic features are great, accessing the more advanced functions comes with a price tag.

Conclusion – Unlock the power of using Practice Better

For health professionals looking to streamline their private practice, Practice Better is a strong contender. Its blend of functionality, security, and support makes it an attractive choice for professionals at various stages of their career. Whether you’re a seasoned dietitian or just starting out, Practice Better offers tools that can adapt to your growing needs.

Get Started Today

Curious to see how Practice Better can transform your practice? Why not take it for a spin? With a free trial available, you can test the waters before diving in. Explore its features, and see firsthand how it can help your practice, enhance client interaction, and support your professional growth. Remember, in the world of nutrition, the right tools can make all the difference. Happy practicing!

*The Practice Better links in this article are affiliate links

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